Brent’s First Audition

Brent’s screen test is his first time performing on camera, so he’s understandably a bit shy about getting naked at first, but once he gets down to business he settles in to deliver quite the solo show! See full-length episode at

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Dallas & Austin

Austin and Dallas are getting hot together again — and I’m not talking about a BBQ competition in Texas. Then again, there is plenty of meat involved, and a bit of very salty sauce near the end, so maybe this IS a barbeque, after all… See full-length episode at

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Brecken wasn’t on the screen test list for the day; he was just a determined enthusiast, hell-bent on showing off his body and nice, thick cock! See full-length episode at

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Kody & Todd

Kody and Todd decided to do a bit of skinny dipping in the hotel pool while they got to know each other better. A conversation about the oddest place they’d ever had sex dovetailed into (what else?) a hotel room romp that shook the rafters. Here’s to new experiences!! See full-length episode at

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Drew Scott

Drew Scott shows us what he’s got – with special emphasis on his nice, thick cock and its massive, bulbous head! That thing looks like it was *made* to be sucked, but today is just about Scott doing his thing for the camera by himself. Oh well… maybe next time! See full-length episode at

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Bailey & Griffin

Griffin is hating his boring, do-nothing job as a Life Guard, until Bailey shows up and demonstrates one of the significant perks of having a job with no responsibility — like being able to get your dick sucked poolside with no repercussions! By the time Bailey’s cock is balls-deep in Griffin’s tight ass, Griffin has a whole new attitude about his job. See full-length episode at

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Jacob Daniels

Meet Jacob Daniel, a cute young fellow looking to get into the porn business. His claim to fame is his long-distance cum squirting, which he demonstrates for us by soaking himself in jizz at the end of his screen test! See full-length episode at

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Aaron & Jordan

It was not shaping up to be a good morning for Jordan. First, his car wouldn’t start, then he couldn’t find a phone to use. Luckily, he ran into Drew, who knew the ideal way to brighten up Jordan’s morning: sucking his cock and fucking him in the ass! By the time the boys had both cum all over themselves, the last thing on Jordan’s mind was a faulty alternator… See full-length episode at

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Don Daniels

Don, a 21 year-old bisexual fella who says that personality is as important to him as good looks. He was a little awkward performing on camera at first, but after talking about his desires and turn-ons for a bit, he warmed up and gave us a good little jackoff show! See full-length episode at

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Jaeden & Roberto

After searching in vain for someone to fuck in the hotel courtyard, Jaeden took to the pool, where Roberto generously allowed Jaeden to suck his cock and take it in the ass. (Roberto is a gentleman like that) See full-length episode at

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